Episode 19 - Do Electric Cheetahs Dream in HD?

Happy New Year's Eve Beast Wars Fans!

As 2016 comes to a close we have a good time reviewing episode 19 - Call of the Wild. Open your audio receptors, get your favorite celebratory beverage and listen in as you prepare to ring in 2017! 

This episode we discuss: This was not Kendall's favorite episode; Greg is G1 representin'; We can't say the name of a dinosaur; Jordan has some beefs with Assassin's Creed; Reboot Reminiscing; John couldn't resist the cat's pyjama joke; Kendall went to Spacecamp; Drinking game rules when listening to War and Beast; Well rendered gorilla butt (this one's for you Zack); Can't we just walk? No! You have to carry me!; Kendall was playing with his sound setup again; Questions!

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