Bonus Episode 2 - It's no Yuri on Ice

Happy Holidays listeners! 

In the spirit of the season (and the lack of a holiday themed episode of Beast Wars) we instead go to another beloved 90's property, X-Men! We review the Season 4 episode "Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas"! We hope you enjoy this little diversion for Christmas Eve listening. 

In this episode we discuss: Special theme from Kendall!; Wolverine is Scrooge; Because Cyclops is a dick...and he was right!; Comparisons to A Garfield Christmas; Holiday eps are not immune to bad Greg jokes; He's an immortal character going around with a female companion...he's the Doctor!; Jordan's Christmas Eve shopping tradition; John was upset by Ape's lack of sack hands; Storm is not a good Morlock leader; Holiday questions!

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