Episode 17 - Pterodactyl Idiot

Happy Saturday Beast Wars fans!

We're into the holiday season! For all you shoppers out there why don't you turn on those audio receptors and listen in while you weave your way through the stores? Feel free to pause the episode when good holiday songs are played in the stores though. :) For those at home, pour yourself a festive drink and enjoy a listen as we review The Trigger part 2!  

In this episode we discuss: Why do we only hear the start of limericks?; Kendall got in trouble for reading literature; Distinguishing between The Freemasons and The Illuminati; John's sad he's not the favorite; Greg's bad joke of the week; Pokemon talk (We aren't HM96!); Kendall needs to rewatch Stargate; Greg wanted a He-Man reference; Questions!; Jordan reads the question Greg was dreading (A Kiss Players question)

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