Episode 16 - Was Animorphs a TF fetish thing?

Welcome to December Beast Wars Fans!

With this time of year the chaos of shopping and gift-giving would make even Megatron jealous. Speaking of chaos, Greg unfortunately has experienced some technical issues this week. Thankfully the rest of the crew steps up as Kendall hosts his first episode of War and Beast with John and Jordan joining him as they review Episode 16 - The Trigger part 1!

In this episode we discuss: 

Kendall hates season finale cliffhangars; Credit to The Dark Knight Returns for an earlier episode; When there was one set of footprints that was when Airazor was carrying him; Talking missles and Voice ticks; Rapid-fire energy settings; Tigatron added to the death tally?; Terrorsaur looks like a burnt chicken; It's called the Beast Wars not the Beast Peace; A thank you to TWA for the mentions :); A butterfly transformer should be named Monarch; John gets uncomfortable looking at Tigatron's chest; Kendall makes a 16-colour joke; Physics!; Questions!

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