Episode 11 - A Little Piece of Home (Superman: The Animated Series S01E05)

Towerheads, prepare yourself for your first proper taste of true Luthor villainy and an introduction to all-state DCAU henchwoman Mercy Graves in episode 5 of Superman: The Animated Series, "A Little Taste of Home." Spoiler alert: it is very good. Along the way, we phone a friend about the proper pronunciation of train-based sentai series ToQger, commend the series' period-appropriate radiation safety protocols, and discuss ancient Babylonian Crockery at length because it annoys Zack.

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Episode 2 - Last Son of Krypton (Superman: The Animated Series, S01E01-E03)

Our second episode tackles the 3-part premiere of Superman: The Animated Series, "Last Son of Krypton". It's very good! Along the way, we discuss Graham's methods for dealing with difficult fans, Pa Kent's secret Kevin Costner Closet, unveil the Komic Korner and discover the twin joys of BIBBO BIBOWSKI and Soder Cola. We had a few mic issues this week, so please bear with us!

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Komic Korner music, "Paris Ballad", provided by Dana Boulé via the Creative Commons License. Check out her work here:freemusicarchive.org/music/Dana_Boule/



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