Episode 11 - A Little Piece of Home (Superman: The Animated Series S01E05)

The LexBox 360 was deemed a failure and discontinued after this episode.

Towerheads, prepare yourself for your first proper taste of true Luthor villainy and an introduction to all-state DCAU henchwoman Mercy Graves in episode 5 of Superman: The Animated Series, "A Little Taste of Home." Spoiler alert: it is very good. Along the way, we phone a friend about the proper pronunciation of train-based sentai series ToQger, commend the series' period-appropriate radiation safety protocols, and discuss ancient Babylonian Crockery at length because it annoys Zack.

Your Komix Korner/The Fuck You Read?'s recommendation for this week is Dungeons & Dragons: Fell's Five by John Rodgers.

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