Episode 15 - Me and My Bug Man

Episode Discussed : Adventure 01: Episode

Episode Discussed: Adventure 01: Episode

The 3 of us dig into episode 15 - "The Dark Network of Etemon" or in Japan "Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil" in which we meet the best and/or worst character ever. Depends who you ask

Highlights this week are: Izzy doesn't know what a beach is, Agumon suddenly has an amazing sense of smell that is never mentioned again, Mimi is secretly poor and runs a clothing return scam, the Pagumon sing a werid song like 5 minutes, Tokomon is back (YAY!), no Tokomon teeth (BOO!), TK continues to be the worst at taking care of his Digimon, Gomamon gets more sick burns, Etemon makes his appearance, and we finally reveal which Digimon we ship ourselves with. We have sunk so low and it's only episode 15.

Also the Aussie segment is back! Still no real ending or beginning because I honestly just sync the tracks and leave it to end whenever we stopped the recording. Also I'm lazy, but don't talk about that.