Digital Moncast 27 - Love That Soda

Agumon doesn't know what punk is

Agumon doesn't know what punk is

The three of us are joined by friend/rival Stevie from The Moncast to watch episode 27 "The Gateway to Home", Japanese title "Vamdemon, the Castle of Darkness", DVD title "Myotismon's Magic Castle"


This week: Gennai reveals the existence of the eighth digidestined but forgot their name (because he's useless), PunkAgumon and ReggaePalmon grace us with their presence, Myotismon's enormous library is enormous, Bob the Bakemon delivers his important message, creepy Nanimon gets "silly" from drinking "soda", Gatomon defies the laws of time and space to prevent the kids from going home, and Stevie blasphemes against the glory of our lord and saviour, Ryo Akiyama.


You can find Stevie on his show The Moncast on SoundCloud, @themoncast on twitter, or in their thread on the forums.

We've yet to settle our score, and thus the rivalry/friendship continues ever on.