Episode 31 - Strix Beltran

The stars have aligned and we're pleased to announce this week we're joined by Strix Beltran. Thanks to her work on Weekly Affirmations I've been introduced to so many new Systems that have captured my imagination. Some people hold up Austin Walker as their ideal GM, but I believe that's because they haven't had a chance to see Strix work her magic.

You can head over to StrixWerks to read her Published Articles, find out more about the Gaming as Other initiative, and find out if Strix will be in your area as part of a Panel at a Con. November 11-13 Guest of Honor at U Con in Ann Arbor! Woo, finally someone's coming to Michigan!

Opening Theme is Master of Puppets Performed by Viktorya Yermolyeva

Closing Theme is Travelling Made-up Continents (Extended) by Gillicuddy