Episode 21 - Aaron Catano-Saez

Heeeeeeey Insiders!

One of my favorite shows to listen to right now is All My Fantasy Children and I'm thrilled to have Co-Creator Aaron Catano-Saez on today's episode. We talk about his early characters, how to pick the best free-range grass-fed antibiotic-free prompts to craft a Fantasy Child, and he has some strong words to say about his Co-Host Jeff Stormer.

They're nice words, though. Sorry for trying to bait you into listening to the episode, that was low of me.

If you give All My Fantasy Children a listen and enjoy it, make sure to get involved with their Discord server. It's full of awesome people being excellent to each other, and you can go into the headcanon channel and Suppose 'til your heart's content.

Opening theme is Master of Puppets performed by Viktoriya Yermolyeva.

Closing theme is Orinoco Flow (Cello Melody) by Enya