Episode 33: Let Me Tell You About the Old Gods


As Rose continues to tear the game apart, the shadowy figures orchestrating it begin to show themselves. What is the Green Sun? What are these voices Rose is hearing? What happens when a dead dreamer dreams? WHY IS THE GREEN SUN IN THE ICP MIRACLES MUSIC VIDEO.

Alpha Episode 54: Tell Me Your Final Thoughts

It's all over! There currently is no more Homestuck to get told about. Instead we look back at the comic as a whole. What are our favorite parts and characters? What parts do we think should have been cut and what characters we would do better without? What's our ships????!!!! All these answers are told in the very tired finale of LMTYAHS Alpha!

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Episode 32: Let Me Tell You About the Troll Meteor


Karkat chews out Dave and John for flirting with the Scourge Sisters, before flashing back to the seemingly endless troll drama that flooded his life when he first awoke on Prospit. Karkat recognizes the demon, Sollux and Feferi are getting more familiar, Vriska has a new celebrity crush, and Gamzee is now an innkeeper for some reason.

Alpha Episode 52: Let Me Tell You About Sprites Squared

Vriska get debriefed on what happened in the dream world. Tavros actually does something. Jasprose goes on a date until Davesprite fucks it up like a piece of shit. Dave and Dirk talk about each others past and telling friends things. Jane learns about star stuff. John gives one last big speech. Terezei remembers.

Alpha Episode 51: Let Me Tell You About Brothers

Roxy and Callie have some alone time as they figure out the mysteries of space, void, spikey balls and being Space Gay. Dave finally opens up about his life with Bro and he and Dirk wade through the murky waters that they find themselves in. Kanaya gets a helping hand from a friend. Vriska tears herself down as a relationship collapses. Jane meets Nana and Jake wonders if this is it. Tavros eats a button.

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Episode 31: Let Me Tell You About Terezi and Dave

John continues to make preparations with Vriska, when he finally gets an opportunity to catch up with Dave, who's been abusing his newfound time  powers to manipulate the stock market. Also, Rose is spiraling toward an ominous future, and Terezi produces an embarrassment of Silver Spoons GIFs.

Alpha Episode 50: Let Me Tell You About Planning

Gather round everyone!!! We've got a final battle to prepare for. Everyone gets their assignment. Calliope meets an other her. Rosesprite gets a big hug. Karkat and Kanaya have a talk. Dave and Dirk finally meet. Vriska has a talk with herself.

Alpha Episode 49: Let Me Tell You About Family Bonding

It's about to get awkward as families finally meet and get to know each other. Roxy finally meets her mom and her daughter. Two weenies talke to each other. Terezi and Vriska get gay. Dave meets his mommy, wait SHIT. The trolls have shit talk. Dave talks to his computer brother. Two weenies talk about how Batman sucks.

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Alpha Episode 48: Let Me Tell You About Masterpieces

Caliborn spoils Homestuck for us, the jerk, as he reveals his masterpiece. Vriska checks her timeline of three years on the meteor. Dave and Karkat get close. Vriska has a plan. John and Roxy return to hugs and emotion. Dave lays down the law on toxic masculinity and compulsory heterosexuality. Really. Also Luke is here!