Bonus Episode 11 - The Complete Works of William Slaykespeare

Happy Saturday Beastos!

We're close to Halloween and thought it would be good to review at least one Halloween themed episode and Kendall's love of Buffy won the day. So sit down in a well-lit room. grab some Halloween candy early ;) and join us as we review Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 Episode 6 - Halloween. 

This week we discuss: We shall never discuss The Last Knight; Halloween lesson; He's Quark; A hunk of burning something or other; The curious case of ownership of the Diet Dr. Pepper; Creepy Vampire Cameraman; It's The Bronze because the Gold and Silver have already burned down; Tragedy plus time=Comedy?; Cultural appropriation of Vampire culture; Season 1 is bad; Xander's a turd; Joss Whedon owes us a no prize; "He wants pig's blood." "Well that's not kosher."; OMG it's a Sailor Moon plot!; News post and Question. 

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