Episode 55 - Change Shape and Forward March

Happy Saturday Beasties! 

It's getting chilly out and some us are seeing our dreaded enemy on falling through the air...snow. So curl up and stay warm while listening to us welcome a new guest to the show, Mike from Audio Entropy! This week we're reviewing Season 1 Episode 2 - Master of the House!

Some things we discuss this week: Jordan, wheel expert; Megatron shrunk in the wash; Jedi Shaggy; Mike didn't realize how bad the BW character models were; So many callbacks; No robot vore this episode; Optimus has two buttholes and shoots shurikens out of his crotch; news post and questions! 

A big thank you to Mike for joining us! Be sure to check him out on Teenagers with Attitude, Going Pearshaped and Home for Infinite Losers right here on Audio Entropy! Also, follow him on twitter at @MikeLovesRabbit .

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