Episode 391 - My Internet is Trying to Kill Me

On this episode of Bakacast, editing became a nightmare, because my WiFi constantly cut out and I could never tell whether or not my cohosts were hearing me (or if they were even responding). However, I was able to find moments where I could talk about a few of the shows that we stuck with, thankfully.

Before we start our reviews, though, we take a moment to offer our thoughts about the KyoAni attack. We don’t go over the actual event in detail, because that’s already been covered extensively by proper news organizations and would feel far too morbid for a silly podcast like ours to delve into anyway. Instead, we talk briefly about what the studio meant to us and what made it unique.

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Episode 387 - Knife Pervert

On this episode of Bakacast, Fairy Gone has some more fight scenes and then faffs around for a bit, One Punch Man refuses to get to the good part, Carole & Tuesday feels bafflingly outdated, and Fruits Basket starts ramping up the drama. Also, we actually went outside and saw some movies!

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