Episode 27 - Change of Heart (The Zeta Project S01E04)

I am thou, thou art I. From the sea of thy soul, I come: A new episode of your favorite (?) podcast! While Zack vainly tries to forestall the inevitable with talk about Persona and its detrimental effect on his life, the crew once again has to check in with everyone's most hated robot: Zeta. 

In between the bouts of burning, burning hatred for this show, Mitch reads from a school report he wrote at 11 years old, Graham threatens to leave the show several times, and we are all inspired by a rousing speech.

Your Komix Korner/The Fuck You Read?'s recommendation for this week is Daredevil by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, Chris Samnee and many others.

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Episode 12 - His Maker's Name (Zeta Project S1E02)

We flew too high, friends. After a stunning chain of good-to-great episodes, this week we are dragged back down to Earth by the albatross around this podcast's neck: The Zeta Project. Graham came down with a mysterious "sickness" but Zack, Mitch and Cameron are here to wonder what they did to deserve this. In between the anguish we discuss whether Jack London wrote The Hatchet (he didn't), if Incineroar is the best new Pokemon (it is), and wonder if Siri is plotting all of our deaths. (She is.)

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