Episode 116 - Boogerman's Got Nards

We finish up the MMPR movie but begin with talk of a successful extra life stream, an UNSUCCESSFUL crabbing attempt, and Roger Ebert's delicious hatred for the Power rangers.

Then we move onto nearly an our of discussing why the zords look so bad. Plus, evil high fives, Finnster's undercover cop stint, Care bear stares, and everyone's favorite button.

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Episode 115 - Garden Hoses & Faerie Fire

For part 2 of the Movie, Greg joins us to talk about horrifying goldar faces, sexy barbarian ladies, falcon kicks, and powdered coffee creamer.

We also discuss the part of the movie noone likes: The ninjetti quest for the "Great Power", Ivan Ooze's mastery of disguises, the propensity of Angel Grove parents to just shove their hands in anything that looks suspicious, and fun fire experiments the whole family can enjoy!

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Episode 107 - MMPR IV: Tommys In Time

Join us for a sleepy time recording as Mike continues his attempt to coup the podcast from Zack, we find out that Awake Luke is Punny Luke, we discuss the exciting conclusion of the Green Vs White Ranger trilogy (and disappointing face turns and zord fights), and of course we discuss Zedd's horrifically botched circumcision, because we are still us.

Also, at the mid break we get an amazing fan parody song by listener Paul!

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Episode 103 - The Scenic Route to Square One

Join us for part 2/3 of The Wedding as Simon Returns and is very confused at why all the monsters are singing a dumb song, why the power rangers spend the entire episode walking in circles, and why Rita now appears to be able to break the 4th wall. Also we discuss the Meatwad/Super Meat Boy/Zedd family reunion, why Alpha is a better villain than Rita and Zedd combined, and how Tommy can possibly be this bad at pep talks.

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Episode 102 - No Rules Just Rita

Join us for the return of both Luke and Rita! Both of them seem to be upset for some reason! While we try to placate Luke, Rita gets a makeover and hatches a new scheme. Meanwhile we are introduced to the Canadian Tuxedo, Zack is confused about how Mimosas work, Finnster learns you can't solve every problem with monsters, we all urge our listeners not to put alchohol up their butts, and a listener question accidentally makes us launch a new podcast!

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Episode 101 - Goldenayeyaiyaiyaiyai

Join us this week as we reach episode 100 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and celebrate (again) with a heaping helping of public embarrassment, a moment of silence for Sonic, Zedd's frustration at Goldar reaches a boiling point, and Alpha just has a god damned gun.

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Episode 100 - Two Years Of Learning Nothing

Join us for our Episode 100 extravaganza! You know what that means! That's right, its performance review time! We celebrate 2 years of learning essentially nothing as we delve into the worst time travel mechanics of all time, how Bulk & Skull Met, Kiiiiiid Rocky's fucking hair, the best putty entrance of all time, and a retrospective on how things have changed in 100 episodes. For us, we don't really do that for the show. Whoops!

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Episode 99 - A Cavalcade of Mouth Typos

Zack's still missing, but we're joined by Julie and Crystal to discuss the return of a bunch of dumb fish monsters, and as many ska references as Joel can make.

Along the way we discus double VHS tape movies, Joel apologizes to Gail Simone, we refresh our alphabet, we learn about Wordos and Talkos, Matt wants Steve dead, and we discuss the Moon Crew's Mario Maker levels.

Plus, Mike abuses his host chair to do another gameshow segment!

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Episode 98 - Jetpacks and Friendship

Mike hosts this week and a few returning friends join us for some podcast announcements, the return of MoreFactNewsAnimal, Zedd's complete misunderstanding of humans, the rangers being bad at shop class, the most relatable character on the show somehow being a wolf angel, and lots and lots of Gals Being Pals.

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Episode 97 - Who Wants To Be A Morphenaire

Our friend Kendall joins us on this episode where we prove unequivocally that we are not professionals, as Kendall turns Matt into a ball of white hot rage, Zack doesn't understand how fire and or heat works, and Mike tests our ebay skills in an impromptu gameshow.

Also, the Bookala.

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Episode 96 - Moving Quickly Along

We once again try to gingerly avoid racism while we talk about an episode full of some of that good 'ol 1990's Stephen King fueled Romani stereotypes. There's some good stuff too though, like more confirmation of our Billy/Trini shipping, Goldar definitely not being a Domme, trying to figure out where you steal a single Swimming Flipper, and an extensive discussion of Adam Sandler movies and Donkey Kong 64.

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Episode 95 - Be Cool About Fire Safety

We're joined by some old friends as we learn about the original pitch for the show, discuss putties with matches, whether or not this horse is evil, discuss the all important Juicer Safety, Zordon breaks his record for "shittiest thing he's done so far", and Zack tries out some new segments for the show.

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Episode 91 - The Zord Is Black Like My Soul

Join us as we continue to learn that Adam is a perpetual Sadboy, as Lord Zedd's plan this week is literally a thing that happens to us all the time without the help of evil curses. 

We also relive some terrible highschool memories, listen to Bob Sagat narrate said memories, adopt a stray Goldar, and learn that Tommy has in fact always been a time traveler.

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