Episode 119 - Dr. Pleprechaun: The One Fans Crave

This week Frankie rejoins us to discuss the end of the Friend In Need 3 parter and what will CERTAINLY be a long and fruitful friendship between the Power Rangers and Masked Rider. 

We'll also discuss misleading toy advertisements, our pitch for insect based power rangers, Zordon's Starfleet Degree, and Bulk FINALLY giving up on his Power Ranger based schemes.

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Episode 118 - The Fun Is In The Challenge

Join us and our friend Frankie to help discuss Prince Dex and his horrifying 90s commercials as we get to the bottom of the mysterious Simon Murders.

On the way Frankie fills us in on the Spanish dub of Guardian Del Poder, Joel is very mean to Yogi Bear, the moon crew performs a Three Stooges Bit, Masked rider fights some body pillows and TOMMY KICKS A MAN OFF A SPACE HORSE

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Episode 117 - Hi Rez Cocoa Puff

Mitchell Joins us to discuss the back door Masked Rider pilot, tell Power Rangers stories, and tell us about his Time Share Investment.

While we discuss it, Luke gives us the strange story of Sensurround, Mike tells us about JCVD v JDF, Luke explains Saban's "Two Whole Moneys" plan, Emily is excited about Kimberly's on-brand bedroom, and Joel pitches a fixed Masked Rider show (AKA Zedd and Count Dregan Mean Girls)

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Episode 116 - Boogerman's Got Nards

We finish up the MMPR movie but begin with talk of a successful extra life stream, an UNSUCCESSFUL crabbing attempt, and Roger Ebert's delicious hatred for the Power rangers.

Then we move onto nearly an our of discussing why the zords look so bad. Plus, evil high fives, Finnster's undercover cop stint, Care bear stares, and everyone's favorite button.

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Episode 115 - Garden Hoses & Faerie Fire

For part 2 of the Movie, Greg joins us to talk about horrifying goldar faces, sexy barbarian ladies, falcon kicks, and powdered coffee creamer.

We also discuss the part of the movie noone likes: The ninjetti quest for the "Great Power", Ivan Ooze's mastery of disguises, the propensity of Angel Grove parents to just shove their hands in anything that looks suspicious, and fun fire experiments the whole family can enjoy!

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Episode 114 - You Can't Just Say Morphing Grid, Luke

Join us and to discuss The first part of the original MMPR film!

Before we begin we discuss the new Power Rangers HyperForce RPG and our excitement at seeing Bulk finally be a ranger, talk about the inequitable Zord distribution in Ninja Steel, and get a very sleepy Lucas to give us his power rangers news.

Then with that out of the way we talk about our divisive opinions on Ivan Ooze, and the movie suits, and our absolutely non-divided opinions on the rockin soundtrack, extremely misplaced sound effects, and Aisha's special, special powers.

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Episode 113 - Evil Billy Blue His Cover

This week Mike is back as host, Guest Ryan returns after the Jebediah incident, and new guest Cassandra joins us to watch an episode where everyone is so competent that its intensely offputting! Why are characterizations actually good? Why do the rangers and Zordon actually act in a responsible manner? Why is Tommy actually acting as a leader?

Luckily theres still some insane things that happen, apparently being evil makes you want to lift weights, Matt launches his sub podcast Owl Facts, Tommy makes an UTTERLY bizarre art project, and the Putties are very, very proud of their butts.

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Episode 112 - The White Stranger By Rocky Camus

We're back with part two of Wild West Rangers and ...Jebediah's still here.  What exactly is that guy's deal?  Anyway Kimberly gives the 1880's versions of her friends who are 6th generation ancestors and therefore exact clones of the modern rangers, as science teaches us and no seriously he's like, from the past but also the future?  It doesn't make any goddamn sense.  I'm sorry but it's really distracting.

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Episode 111 - Winking Time Hole

We get back into time shenanigans, and this time we appear to accidentally have brought back Jebediah. Jebediah's deal is... confusing. Is he a ghost? Maybe?

Anyway we also talk about the constant menace of Time Holes in Angel Grove, Zack's deep love of Doc Skullovitch, extremely prominent putty butts (and putty fashion), and, of course, HORNSWAGGLE.

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Episode 110 - Gorbleflorrp 2: Florrp Harder

Gandalf The Grey, Radagast The Brown, Mondo The Steampunk Shadowrunner The Red.

Join us this week as we learn that the greatest gift of all is giving, we conclude The Ending Story, and the Power Rangers scare Bulk and Skull into never reading another book. Special guest Greg "Grag" ""Gorbleflorrp"" Poparena returns as he, Mike, Emily, and Matt offer up the Sparknotes version of this weird, weird episode.

Greg can be found on his youtube channel, Pop Arena at https://www.youtube.com/user/poparena

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Episode 109 - Zack Regrets Talkin' It out

Join us and new friend Greg (Different Greg. Grag?) To discuss the Secret Origin Of Ticklesneezer.... or, really, see the power rangers get sucked into a fairy tale book with the worst green screen animated woodpeckers you've ever seen. Oh also, Bulk and Skull literally create life as part of this week's plot. They sort of gloss over that.

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Episode 108 - The Two Putty System

Join us as Kim and Tommy run against each other in a school election while Lord Zedd reveals his love for politics and Rita tries to prove that girls are way badder than stupid smelly boys.Along the way we acquire a new, adult toys related domain, Billy and Aisha try to set up puppet governments, Kimberly lets her hair down, and Goldar just really, truly cannot believe the shit he has to put up with from these dad gum teens.Also we discuss plans for finally reviewing the power rangers movie. No, the other one.

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Episode 107 - MMPR IV: Tommys In Time

Join us for a sleepy time recording as Mike continues his attempt to coup the podcast from Zack, we find out that Awake Luke is Punny Luke, we discuss the exciting conclusion of the Green Vs White Ranger trilogy (and disappointing face turns and zord fights), and of course we discuss Zedd's horrifically botched circumcision, because we are still us.

Also, at the mid break we get an amazing fan parody song by listener Paul!

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Episode 106 - Perpetual Spinkick Machine

Hey everyone, it's Hurricane season which means Zack is a little busy fortifying his home to be writing blurbs. We actually get a Second Parter episode where things occur! 

An authentic 1770's Chase Scene where Marissa The Teenage Witch uses her Wagon Tracking Powers for good, Luke isn't here for some classic Morphing Grid headcanonry, and Zack becomes consumed with consuming a cake to the horror and concern of the entire panel. This episode also features the highest New Jingle per Minute ratio and a crash course in History at the very end courtesy of our friend Cameron.

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Episode 105 - The Monster Mask and Monkey Satan

Mike hosts as its the return of the green ranger, what you've been waiting for the whole time! ...Right?!?The plot and its specifics deeply confuse us and we have a lot of questions this week: How is Colonial Angel Grove Possible? Why don't they just give the putties guns? Why DID Zedd marry Rita? What does the moon crew's Org Chart look like?We do manage to agree on a few things along the way, namely, our show is very stupid, and also we like Sonic Mania very much.

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Episode 103 - The Scenic Route to Square One

Join us for part 2/3 of The Wedding as Simon Returns and is very confused at why all the monsters are singing a dumb song, why the power rangers spend the entire episode walking in circles, and why Rita now appears to be able to break the 4th wall. Also we discuss the Meatwad/Super Meat Boy/Zedd family reunion, why Alpha is a better villain than Rita and Zedd combined, and how Tommy can possibly be this bad at pep talks.

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Episode 102 - No Rules Just Rita

Join us for the return of both Luke and Rita! Both of them seem to be upset for some reason! While we try to placate Luke, Rita gets a makeover and hatches a new scheme. Meanwhile we are introduced to the Canadian Tuxedo, Zack is confused about how Mimosas work, Finnster learns you can't solve every problem with monsters, we all urge our listeners not to put alchohol up their butts, and a listener question accidentally makes us launch a new podcast!

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Episode 101 - Goldenayeyaiyaiyaiyai

Join us this week as we reach episode 100 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and celebrate (again) with a heaping helping of public embarrassment, a moment of silence for Sonic, Zedd's frustration at Goldar reaches a boiling point, and Alpha just has a god damned gun.

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