Episode 88 - Illuminati Confirmed

The power transfer is complete! Join us to talk about drinking a whole bottle of Nyquil, being murdered by a soccerball, the most duress one can be under, Christmas on the Moon, and a special performance by Green Day (Okay its Joel but he does a good job alright)

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Episode 87 - Tor And The Chaos Emerald

We're joined by a skeleton crew plus our friend Molly and new buddy Fletcher to discuss the first part of the power transfer, our poor boy Tor being just fucking murdered, how cool Serpentera is, and Bulks INCREDIBLE jacket.

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Episode 86 - #Jortflips

We welcome our friend Lucas back to the show as Zack Finally gets a yes to his burning question, we discuss how the power rangers get paid, Jason wins the hunger games, and we spend a long, long time talking about Jorts.

Also a special announcement about an addition to Audio Entropy!

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Episode 85 - Joel Likes Turtles


Also there's chocolate coins, racist costumes, Saban favoring Israel, messages in bottles and ALSO A BIG ROBOT TURTLE THAT YOU CAN HUG AND OR PET

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Episode 84 - Putty Appreciation Day

The thrilling conclusion of the Ninja encounter leads to more baby hijinks, the uncovering of the true hero of the movie Speed, a delicious new alcoholic beverage, and Billy's most courageous battle of all!

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Episode 83 - Johnny Very Yong Bosch

Oops (Almost) all guests in this episode as Mike hosts! We discuss perhaps the most inconsequential episode ever, Mike creates and destroys segments at will, the insanity of 'jetting', teenagers are threatened with a wooden snake, and a plethora of emails!

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Episode 82 - Baby's Day Out

The end is here for our original ranger team, as their replacements are introduced in this episode. We talk about bad body doubles, re-used footage, Tommy's incongruous wardrobe, and the goofiest fucking chase scene ever committed to celluloid.

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Episode 81 - Ground Candy

Mike is missing, but we're joined by New and Improved Luke for the first episode thats missing half the original cast! We talk about Kimberly carrying the cast (as well as her Russian Mob History), Bulk & Skull literally steal candy from babies, and the Putties adopt their worst disguise ever.

Also, Joel and Matt try to explain to Zack that most beautiful of phenomenons: Ground Candy.

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Episode 80 - Grandpa Phased Into The Speed Force

Hey everyone! We had a bit of a technical hiccup this week cutting the discussion a little short, but fortunately we've still got the whole crew, plus Jules, present for talk about Simon's One Handed Superheroics, Jules schooling us on Dairanger, why every girl in Angel Grove is Horny for Science, Zack's misunderstanding of how children learn to run, and of course a Bear.

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Episode 79 - Tim Allen's Mandela Effect

Totally Reprise Co-Host and friend Molly returns to join us and confirm our suspicions that Kimberly's new purse is pretty much bullshit. Also who the hell keeps Dental Floss in their purse? This whole thing is highly suspicious.

Also we are just so, so excited about Tommy's White Ranger fashion, discuss #leggate, and Luke tries to kill the podcast with Tim Allen quotes.

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Episode 78 - The Jughead Betrayal

He's here, he's finally here! That's right, Dustin is back to guest! Oh also I guess Tommy returns, and we discuss how well (or poorly) the reveal is handled, with some divisive feelings on a particular scene to say the least. But one thing we all agree on is FUCK YEAH NEW ZORD FOOTAGE! Join us in our excitement at giant robot tigers with weird mecha-crowns!

Oh also... Jason gets demoted and its very sad and frustrating BUT ROBOT PUNCHES YOU GUYS!

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Episode 77 - The Fourth Bop It Command

We begin the creation of the White Ranger by... fighting about Sonic Adventure 2 some more, discussing the most recent movie trailer, and teasing Simon for his love of Subway.

Once we get into it, Zack scoops a crazy theory from Luke, Billy is Keylogging the command center computers, we have an extended discussion on different video game toilets, and finally we discuss the Board Game Movie Cinematic Universe.

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Episode 76 - Goldar's Cave of Fantasy

So Luke invited someone over to the podcast and then ditched us, but its fine because Dustin is here to tell us the difference between Gohan and Trunks and tell us about Goldar's Cave of Fantasy!

Zedd's plans get a little creepy this week as he tries to make Rita his Queen, Zack shares an unsettlingly relevant Sex Cave story, we review Curtis & Ritchie's dark purposes... and give our thoughts on the Nintendo Switch for some reason!

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Episode 75 - Worlds Collide!

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Teenagers With Attitude where nothing is different and everything is the same. Join your best friends Zack, Graham, Cameron and Mitch as they watch another classic episode of Power Rangers!

Our never-wandering, on topic talking points include: Which Thunder Zord is the least worst, Zack (The Ranger) and his Spiteful Music Grandpa, Zack (The Host) and his poor history with jock straps, musical instrument based drug vectors and definitely not any sort of half-committed Mirror Universe bullshit.

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Episode 74 - HP HOP MN

Hey Putty Patrollers! Join us and Greg from the War & Beast Podcast to discuss Jason's guilt over Tommy losing his powers, our anger and then joy at the rangers riding around in a station wagon instead of the Rad Bug, weird trophy's and Zack's ego, and Power Rangers Heaven.

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Episode 73 - Tommy's Time Banana

We're Back! After an unscheduled break we return with the true end of the Green Ranger, and the much-requested Tudie awards! Join us for Luke earnestly loving a Power Rangers scene for maybe the first time? Tommy is ACTUALLY COOL IN THIS EPISODE?! And Goldar and Tommy team up to create probably the most inappropriate use of time travel ever. 

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Episode 72 - Have you even SEEN Space Jam?

Join the crew and Meatspace friend Jon for the beginning of the end of the Green Ranger (For real this time we promise). We discuss our Bulk & Skull withdrawal, our Cousin Curtis and Ritchie OTP, possibly the least threatening monster of the entire show up to this point, and the absolute worst costumes we've ever seen on this show or, indeed, in on our time on this planet. 

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Episode 71 - Left 4 Zedd

Zack is out sick this week, so Eric joins us as Joel tries to hold it together through Horny Pokemon talk, Eric's fourth wall breaking, Luke's insistence on bringing up Um Jammer Lammy at every possible opportunity, and Matt's absolute manifesto on his hatred of the concept of picnics.

Also, Kimberly sings a pretty song while Tommy tries not to succumb to Stage IV Green Ranger-ism and the monster of the week plays unlicensed Jimmy Hendrix riffs.

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