Episode 180 - Weedleyweedleyweedley


Tommy continues his quest of questionable cultural sensitivity and we are just VERY confused about what the hell the arrowhead is supposed to do, other than make extremely frustrating noises!

Episode 177 - As The Coin Turns


Join us this week for an especially soap opera episode as Kat either makes everything worse or enacts her evil master plan, depending upon your own personal head canon.

Episode 174 - Government Zords

Regulars Mike and Emily welcome back Frankie, as well as newly minted Canada Expert Lexi to discuss the return and near sun-related death of Billy.

Along the way we’ll talk about Aquitian continuity errors, Billy stealing from educational institutions, and why Tommy joins Creed in the future.

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Episode 173 - RAM The Data Sandwich Into My Flesh Computer

Zack and Luke are joined by old friend of the podcast Fletcher and Audio Entropy stalwart Frankie for another episode of “the 90s didn’t understand computers!”

In addition to some truly hilarious hacking action, we also discuss whether or not Power Rangers is dead, and the wildest VHS compilation of power rangers footage we’ve ever heard of!

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Episode 172 - Music To My Rocketeer Bumps

Tune in (hah!) for a surprisingly tender episode of Power Rangers, where we manage to ruin it by speculating endlessly on the identity of a mysterious pianist!

What lengths will this pianist go to do hide the girth of his talent from being put on display?! Let’s find out!

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Episode 169 - Hey-La-Day-La

Hey everyone! We wind down the year with Sentai announcements, some rumors, and a quick rundown of the tokusatsu landscape.

Meanwhile in the episode, Lt. Stone narrowly stops an alien invasion, King Mondo is irritated noone called him for this episode, and Billy leaves the planet in a spaceship with a stranger who is twice his age, which his parents sanction.

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Episode 167 - The Measure of a Puppetman

Join us for Simon Updates (Arthur hates clowns!) And Zack Updates (Zack saw butts!) before we discuss the existential horror that is The Puppetman!

In this episode, Tommy makes a tactical error, the power rangers are woefully inadequate for nonlethal conflict, and the Defender Wheel is… something, thats for sure.

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Episode 166 - Just A Buster Wannabe

Emily joins us for a DOG EPISOOOODE! Also we’re all sick so enjoy that while we discuss bad 90’s trading cards, motorcycle graveyards, sergeant dog, Ernie’s geothermal power plant, demorphing from embarrassment, murdering mini-me, King Mondo’s high Oil Pressure, and DOG QUESTIONS.

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Episode 164 - Amp Up The Baby

Luke and Greg join Zack to discuss Sandwhiches, Ketchup, and Cheese! And Power Rangers too, I guess?

Lt. Stone is nearly killed in a ketchup incident, Tommy and Kat take on a cliche Home Ec assignment that makes Kat’s characterization get real weird for a bit, and theres some horrific clown robots!

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Episode 163 - Future Westwood College Alumni

Matt returns, as always, for Street Fighter content as we do an episode within an episode about the weirdest and somehow most official fanfiction. Its pretty good! But they fucked up one MAJOR thing!

In the episode itself we discuss how little time Rocky’s lab partner has for his shit, some all time good “misunderstanding computers”, our new favorite character, and the Megazord gets some cool hats!

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Episode 162 - We Cut To TBD


We have the whole crew together and Zack’s in a hotel in florida, but he refused to miss the chance to do the weirdest actor spotlight ever and talk about weird ass modern marketing for 10 minutes!

In the episode, Luke figures out a way to explain away his own bits, Billy looks sexy as hell, Skull makes a whole loaf of toast, Tanya’s new boyfriend sucks a lot, Tommy can’t drive, and BIG FEET WITH GUNS