Episode 52 - Do It With the Pamango

Episode Discussed : S01 E52: Two Heads are Better Than One

Episode Discussed: S01 E52: Two Heads are Better Than One

Zack went on vacation and accidentally left behind the keys to the podcast, so the rest of the crew takes it on a joyride.  Meanwhile on Power Rangers, Tommy and Jason teach self-defense to middle-aged women and Rita Repulsa misunderstands a common aphorism about as badly as possible, but it's okay because apparently the writers did too.

Along the way: Angel Grove's Thirstiest Moms, Tommy Tummy Time, Progressive 80's Softcore Porn (Probably? Maybe.), Putty Mafia, Nerd Alarm, Monster Blade Runner, The Birds and the Megazords, Super Sentai Persona Rangers, Podcast Love Zack, We Desperately Try to Roll Back the Odometer on This Thing Before Zack Gets Home.

Interstitial music: It's Morphin Time - WillRock