Episode 48 - 1 v 1 Me Bro

Episode Discussed : S01E48: Plague of The Mantis

Episode Discussed: S01E48: Plague of The Mantis

Join us and our new vocally Non-American friend Lau as we embark on a discussion of Power Rangers' most Culturally Insensitive if not downright racist episode yet. We discuss the shows wildly misplaced ideas of homogonous "Asian-ness",  Honor as some kind of Far East Street Cred Currency, and how dang near everyone involved in the show, including the Japanese production company Toei and even Rita, an evil space witch not from earth, somehow manage to go off the racist deep end.

Along the way we cover our farewell to Max Landis from the Power Rangers movie script, Bulk & Skull's progressively dumber schemes, and question an evil bug monster's claims to his martial arts credentials.

Disclaimer: As always we attempt to be as respectful as possible while also being idiots and apologize if we miss the mark. If we say anything you have an objection to in this or any other episode, please leave a comment, or contact us @TeensWithTude on Twitter, TeensWithTude@gmail.com, or the Facebook group Teenagers With Attitude