Episode 47 - And Dr. Teeth As Ernie

Episode Discussed : S01E47: Reign of the Jellyfish

Episode Discussed: S01E47: Reign of the Jellyfish

We (mostly) overcome technical issues to bring you this episode of Teenagers With Attitude against all odds to bring you the level of quality you expect from us: a solid 4 out of 10. In the episode we learn about Ms. Appleby's rehab recovery, the Rangers deep and pathological mistrust of the future, what exactly is on Zack's 1993 Slammin Tunes CD, and whether or not we've been misgendering Goldar all along.


Along the way:  Zack's deep Cutthroat Kitchen hole, Luke's Guided Breathing exercises, Matt's Salute to the troops, and Mike's fantasy of Power Ranger Muppets made reality.

Find Phantom Guest Dustin at his podcast Bakacast and check out their 300th episode!


Note: Due to multiple technical issues, the sound quality for this episode is not up to our usual standards. We should be back on track next week and thank you for your patience.