Episode 42 - He Appears to be Dancing

Episode Discussed : S01E42: A Pig Surprise

Episode Discussed: S01E42: A Pig Surprise

We welcome the return of our friend Molly, lured back by the promise of baby piggies. The show delivers, with a bonus of a full on Bulk & Skull "Lady and the Tramp" moment, a bunch of adorable bunnies, and extremely questionable animal adoption practices!

Plus, we try to decipher what the hell Rita's plan actually is and once again talk ourselves into believing it makes more sense than it actually does, get more excited about a visit to a farm than we have been since 4th grade field trips, and realize that swapping Zordon for Zardoz wouldn't actually change the show that much.


Highlights:  Rita Costume Followup, Green Ranger Green Screen, Terrified Bunnies, Free Range Children, Putty Kings, Adopt-A-Putty, Bulk & Skull Adopt, Just Shoot Sparks At It, Workin on That Smooch, Zordon Advocates Murder, Trini's Dietary Preferences, The Power Rangers Go To A Farm, Rita's Twitter Account