Episode 41 - Whack The Weed Will Grow, Girl

Episode Discussed:  S01E41: Rita's Seed of Evil

Episode Discussed: S01E41: Rita's Seed of Evil

Welcome our first listener-guest, Liz, as we move into the first post-Zyuranger Finale episode of power rangers! Learn the secret if boring origin of the TWA crew as we watch an enormous amount of reused footage, struggle to understand how Ron Wasserman slipped so badly, and learn that Bulk & Skull definitely do not actually know what a toilet is!

We also discuss the recently revealed Rita costume from the upcoming movie at the end of the episode so SPOILER WARNINGS if you'd like to skip the discussion.

Thank you to Liz and all our listeners for putting up with us as we mark this, the 50th overall episode of Teenagers With Attitude and 41st of the main series!


Highlights:  Arguing with a Child, The Secret Extra Podcasts, Trini's Bernie Sanders Facebook Posts, Jason is Forced To Nurture A Tree, Billy's Special Formula: Definitely Blood, Little Kid Racism, Naturally Occurring Clowns, Mike eats his Mic, Breaking Bulk & Better Call Skull, Plants are Immune to Punches, Goldar & Scorpina Sexting Transcript, Mean Magical Girls