Episode 39 - Goldar's Day Out

Episode Discussed : S01E39: Doomsday Part 1

Episode Discussed: S01E39: Doomsday Part 1

Join us in this (slightly) delayed episode as we travel back in time in borrowed Power Rangers technology to try to fix the horrible paradox we caused (or possibly Zack just deleted something and we had to re-record, who knows). Hopefully we can cause some chuckles as we try to save the space time continuum from our constant fuckups!

This week Bulk and Skull try on some alternate identities and Goldar has the best day of his life as Mike tries to embarrass Zack to death by soliciting extremely personal listener questions, and you all provide them in spades.

Points of Discussion: Punch Based Time Travel, Alternate Zord Concepts, Rita's Pop-Up Spellbook, Bulk & Skull Freudian Slips, Tommy waits for the call, Alpha's Press Packet, Time Copped, Racist Gundam Stories, The Megazord gets Curbed Stomped, Fetish Efficiency, Beloved Garbage, Fuck Marry Kill Morph Grow