Episode 38 - Bulk's Breakfast (And Lunch And Dinner) Club

Episode Discussed : S01E38: A Bad Reflection On You

Episode Discussed: S01E38: A Bad Reflection On You

Join us as we up the ante from the Power Ranger Punks episode and get an entire evil TEAM of rangers, complete with bad attitudes and gum chewing! As we question if the writers know what the word "evil" means, we'll also learn that Bulk and Skull are the unquestioned Kings of Detention and try to figure out why the hell every adult seems to trust them.

Highlights:  Evil Pizza Delivery, John ScorpCena, Sunglasses & Gum, The Secret Life of Putties, Pasta La Pizza, Watching the Submarine Races, Step 1 Pranks Step 2 Terrorism, Bulk's X-Gene, Anime Girls & Vuvuzelas, Sonic the Hedgehog Lore, The Norse God of Extreme Sports