Episode 37 - J.O.D.O.K. Jason Organism Designed Only for Karate

Episode Discussed : S01E37: Clean Up Club

Episode Discussed: S01E37: Clean Up Club

Join us and returning guest Dustin for our second Environmental based episode, which seemes to misunderstand the term 'pollution' even more than the first, and as a bonus we finally discover Trini's personality trait! Unfortunately its not an especially positive one!

Points of Discussion: Kingdom Hearts Based Anger, Gushing about Kamen Rider Ghost, In-Fiction Fan Fiction, Whittlin' Hands, Head Judge of Morph Court, Care Bear Re-Education Beam, Billy takes a "soil sample", I LIKE HIS STYLE, fartshaming, The mechanics of My Little Pony's Hooves, Zack immediately regrets a request of the listeners

You can find Dustin onGames Witticism and Bakacast