Episode 32 - Fictitious Mayonnaise

Episode Discussed : S01E32: A Star Is Born

Episode Discussed: S01E32: A Star Is Born

We cool down a bit from last week's 7 podcaster disaster and relax on a beach with a nice calm 4 man dance, a liberal application of suntan lotion, everyone's favorite brand of mayonnaise, and a completely nonsensical Goldar-Helmed weekly plot.

Points of Discussion: The Podcast Curse weakens, Sick Host Complications, Inexplicable Donkey Kong Country Discussions, Joel gets Punned, Tommy's Watch Aversion, Rita's Day off, Bulk and Skull finally consummate their relationship, Guns: The Bravest & Cleverest Solution, Hot Topic History, Dr. Goldar or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Wand, 3 Day Power Coin Waiting Period