Episode 26 - Craigslist Ninjas

Episode Discussed  S01E26: Gung Ho!

Episode Discussed S01E26: Gung Ho!

Our friend Greg returns (On his Birthday even!) To discuss Zordon's most manipulative plot to date, Bulk goes completely off the rails and hires Ninjas off the internet, and we continue our streak of meaningless awards by talking about some of our favorite video games of 2015. That one's not even about Power Rangers!

Discussion Highlights: Luke's New Dad, Tasteful Depression Jokes, Super Putties or Silly Putties, Used Car Salesmen, 1-800-MyNinjas, Concussion Protocol, Shitty Gingerbread Men, Gymkata Exhibition, Green Squiggles, Working the Shaft, The Book of Job, Surprise Brontosaurus, Street Fighter Lore Lesson, Trigun Misnomers, Cybernetic Kerfuffle