Episode 15 - Dickhead In A Tube

Episode Discussed : Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S1E15: Dark Warrior

Episode Discussed: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S1E15: Dark Warrior

This week to maximize confusion, we welcome guest Micheal and try to not get the two Mikes and two Zacks confused as we discuss an episode about Trini's uncle that is somehow still centered on Billy?

Points of Interest: Anti-Pirating PSA, Zack is a G-G-Ghoooooost!, Mike's Food Fight Reference dedication, Semen Based Intelligence Harvesting, Luke's Fan Theory Flowchart and Red String Corkboard, We Finally Succeed in confusing ourselves over our own theories, Billy Nye the science guy, Bulk the Leather Daddy, Why doesn't Finnster just shoot the joker?!?, Karate belt ranking lesson, Greetings Karate Scientist, What the hell is Squat anyway?, Always Drink Strange Liquids you find in scientist's labs!, Sweaty, Sweaty Putties, They Might Be Giants Vs. Bare Naked Ladies, Luke's Plea for Erotic Fan-Fiction