Episode 14 - Mouths Can Hold Things

Episode Discussed : S1E14: Foul Play In The Sky

Episode Discussed: S1E14: Foul Play In The Sky

Join us and our guest Greg (stepping in for Matt this week) as we discuss the Kimberly's-Uncle-centric episode, the first appearance of Bryan Cranston on the show as a monster, and the best case yet for our Bulk/Skull shipping.

Discussion Highlights: Pizza the Hedgehog, Canadian Geography Lesson, Inter-Generational Cartoon Based Bonding, An uncharacteristically serious discussion about Hollywood whitewashing, Exposition Pay Phone, Rita Repulsa: RC Cola Magnate, So Much Bulk & Skull Cuddling, Skull checks out Bulk's Mountains, NO WE AREN'T EXAGGERATING THIS STUFF, We force mike to finish the bad pun he started, Zordon tries to reach 'The Kids These Days' Through bad robot programming, How, exactly, do the suits work? The deepest fanwank discussion, Our guest has a theory that makes way more sense than any of our crap.