Episode 13 - Rosencrantz and Goldarstern are Dead

Episode Discussed : S1E13: Peace, Love, and Woe

Episode Discussed: S1E13: Peace, Love, and Woe

Simon is out and Luke is back, as well as returning guest Dustin. As Dustin becomes increasingly frustrated with Luke's fan theories, we discuss the second in a long line of Billy love interests, incredibly awkward teen romance dialogue, and the chosen faith of moon monsters.

Points of Interest: The 800th Power Rangers Episode, Power Rangers and Sesamie Street: Lessons for kids!,  Mr. Rogers Sad People Cerebro, Angel Grove Eugenics Program, Kimberly Straight up Donkey Kongs, Always Pick Billy Last, Podcast Guest Sass, Return of the Cake Machine, Canonically Jewish Moon Monsters

You can find Dustin on Twitter @Stiltsthegm, or on his podcasts, Games Witticism, Roll For Your Lives, and Bakacast