Episode 12 - Skeleton Goblin Punk

Episode Discussed: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S1E12: Power Ranger Punks

Episode Discussed: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers S1E12: Power Ranger Punks

Boy howdy do we have a show for you this week! Simon returns from the Canadian Internet wastes to join us and our Tokusatsu/Sentai Expert guest Jules for a full on Sentai history lesson, AND we talk about the episode that gave kids all across America uncomfortable feelings when Billy and Kimberly go Punk!

Highlights Include: Tokusatsu 101, Grandpa Zordon, Sentai's Anti-Space-Exploration Agenda, Japanese Cultural difference: Horrible deaths are A-Okay!, A crash course in Pre Power Rangers Sentai: 1975-1993, Power Rangers: The power of mass extinction!, The physical mechanics of flying bicycles, HOW MUCH DO YOU LIKE SLOW MOTION, The Three B's of Zack, Skull takes his nickname far too seriously, The writers get very confused about what Punk is, White Hot Sexual Tension On A Kids Show, An extremely aggressive and unnecessarily rude rant against steampunk, Vore Fetishist Spotlight, The Trashbag Dimension, 2 Monocles is a lot of monocles

You can also find our guest on twitter @GatsbyLow or find their work on http://womenwriteaboutcomics.com/

Editors Note: The first 40 minutes or so are a super informative and interesting discussion of the history of Sentai and Tokusatsu in general, and I highly recommend you take a listen! However if you find it difficult to follow or REALLY just want to jump to the episode discussion, the first break comes at 38:18 and we go into discussion after that. BUT YOU SHOULD LISTEN ITS REALLY COOL.