Episode 11- All Putties Go To Heaven

Episode Discussed : S01E11 - No Clowning Around

Episode Discussed: S01E11 - No Clowning Around

With a few missing team members we welcome our guest, Ian, the artist behind our cool logo thing, to talk about Rita's evil carnival and the idea of Evil Clowns as the standard.

Topics of Discussion include: How Bad Is The Flintstones Movie You Guys For Real, Power Rangers is a Dragonball Z gateway drug, Power Rangers confirmed to cause violence in children, A passionate defense of the Mighty Max cartoon, Rita the Fraggle, Kimberly is written against her only character trait, A discussion of the religious predilections of Putties, Christ-ey the clown, The monster is a Clown/Octopus/Pineapple and no I didn't make that up, Clown vs Mime Gang Wars, The Most Ballsy Child Kidnapper, The Rangers ignore a kidnap child to go on a fun carnival ride, Sad Putty Noises, Childhood Nightmare Fuel, Top Notch Quality Special Effects, and 1980's Action TV Show All-Star Rangers.