Episode 10 - Goldar Literally Takes A Nap

Episode Discussed : S01E10: Happy Birthday Zack

Episode Discussed: S01E10: Happy Birthday Zack

Simon is out again, but we welcome Replacement Canadian Wade Kruse to the show to debate French Canada vs 'Real' Canada and to talk about Zack's Birthday! No, not the hosts, the character. We promise to stop making that bad joke.

Along the way: Pre-Internet Power Rangers Rumormongering, Insane Yet Weirdly Cogent Fan Theories (Not Lukes), 20 Year Old Kids Show Spoilers, Billy's Nerdcore Time Machine, Justice League Angel Grove, Ernie: The Most Dangerous Man in Angel Grove, The Most Confusing Tangent, Popcorn Shaming, Birthday Negging, Rita Makes a Snuff Film, Favorite Pokemon Fight, Sonic the Hedgehog Fanfiction,