Episode 8 - Michigan J. Megazord

Episode Discussed : S01E08: I, Eye Guy

Episode Discussed: S01E08: I, Eye Guy

With Matt out we're back to a Five Ranger Squad as we discuss our hopes and dreams for the Power Rangers Reboot Film, and the horror that is a living monster made out of eyeballs.

Highlights include: Long Lost Power Ranger PSAs, Tiny Toons, Zack DESPERATELY trying to keep the crew on track to talk about literally anything related to the podcast, Degrassi High Power Rangers, Fancasting Rita, a neverending deluge of eye based puns, Simon finally gets to use his french knowledge, the race of super beings known as Angel Grove teenagers, Edward Cullen the Power Ranger, Power Rangers: Stargate but with Japan, Ancient Alien Baseball, and Laser Eyeballs But Your Whole Body Is Made of Eyeballs