Bonus 38 - Teenagers With Altitude III: Polyamory and Pilots


Emily brings her partners, Mike and Cassie, along on a magical journey through the skies, where they mistakenly watch the fifth episode of Disney's Talespin, "From Here to Machinery," instead of the first episode, like they meant to. Along the way, they discuss how sexy bears are, and how hard it is to keep the words "pilot" and "pirate" straight. Happy Valentine's Day!

Bonus 36 - Clockstoppers Part 1

Seasons Greetings! This week to celebrate (?) Luke leads us in a discussion of the 2002 Jonathan Frakes “Classic”, Clockstoppers. How much do we hate this kid? You may be surprised!

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Bonus 34 - Turkeys With Attitude

SURPRISE! Many thanks to the friends and Putty Patrollers that contributed to this episode, and apologies to those who would have contributed but didn’t because of my deception. Whether you’re busy watching the Lions suck at football, an MST3K marathon, or just having a normal Thursday because America’s NOT actually the center of the universe I hope you have a great day and know how thankful we are for you.


Bonus 33 - Simons in Danger: 25th Anniversary Special

Well, half the crew was at PAX West, Zack's Sister Got Married, Mike Moved, but SIMON IS HERE AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Simon gives his thoughts on the 25th anniversary special of Super Ninja Steel, his thoughts on the season so far, and, of course, revives the Fan Favorite Segment Simon Sorts as he ranks every theme song!

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Bonus 31- Ultimate Kristmas Kombat 3

As our Kuest komes to an end, and a new year starts, I can't help but remember Abraham Lincoln's immortal words: "Be excellent to each other, and party on."

Really puts things into perspective.

I'm stalling for time because I didn't make sure Zack put a blurb and picture in here before last night. Here have this picture. Pretty weird, right?

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Bonus 30 - Kombat Kristmas II

Join zack and most of the war and beast cast for part two of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation! 

We talk about the most 10th grade thing you can do, The upside down jenga pyramid that is Mortal Kombat's lore, angry wolf-men and overly sexualized ninja women, pointless mud wrestling, terrifying CGI monsters, wanting to make your dad happy, and oh god Baraka looks so bad

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Bonus 29 - Kombat Kristmas

Merry Khristmas, putty patrol! Continuing our Movie Christmas tradition from last year, and based on Listener Votes (damn you all), we watched Mortal Kombat: Annihilation!

Join us as we discuss horrifically bad costumes and acting, magical transportation balls, the best scene exit of all time, and the rest of the crew tries to figure out why Zack likes Mortal Kombat.

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Bonus 28 - Genderfluid Cat Child

It's an out-of-left-field bonus episode as Mike is joined by four new guests: Frankie, Andrew, Jeff, and Kasey. The topic? The inexplicable, confusing, and occasionally creepy first episode of Code Lyoko! On the docket: the birth of a supervillain, two scenes we wished we could skip, a disco gym teacher, and a wikipedia summary that's more rewarding than the show.

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Bonus 27 - No Pants, No Face, One Sleeve

Mike is joined by War and Beast's Jordan and Greg as they discuss the first episode of Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills! All of the characters are jerks, all of the effects are terrible, the costumes are baffling, and nothing makes sense. It's easily the worst thing we've watched on this podcast. It's also an absolute blast!  Also discussed: getting a tattoo on your penis.

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Bonus 26 - Krispy Kreme Presents Sabans Power Rangers

The entire crew gathers in The House of Krispy Kreme to finally, finally discuss the power rangers movie. Reactions are mixed, unanimous approval or disapproval goes to almost no aspects. Physical blows are narrowly avoided.

But one thing is for sure: Doughnuts Are Delicious.

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Bonus 25 - The Morphing Grid Is Canonical

Luke, Zack, and Dustin are somehow, against the will of God, gathered together in one room, 1/3 very hungover, and ready to talk to you about a weird ass episode of Akibaranger.

At one point Luke gets so excited he physically grabs Zack by the shoulders and shakes him before placing an out of country call to Jules on her cell phone to discuss Power Rangers at 7 AM her time.

So its one of those episodes.

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Bonus 24 - Teenagers With Altitude

On this special Valentine's episode, Zack is joined by his elusive wife Adrienne to talk about a show from HER childhood for a change, Airwolf. Or at least that's the pretense, really she's here to tell embarrassing stories about Zack, play with the cat on Microphone and point out all the very, very obvious things that Zack missed during the episode.

Also we discuss Ernest Borgnine's Weird Face, How to Serenade an Eagle, our love of hammy villains, Muammar Gaddafi, Sexy Tassle Dancing, and Airwolf: Hero of all children.

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Bonus 23 - Sonic Anime Zone Act 2

Note: This is part 2 of a single, long discussion. Be sure you've heard part 1 first!

Mike, Matt, Jordan, Emily, and Kendall are all ready to blast their way through the rest of this summary. Emily from The VGM Jukebox joins them, and just in time, because Dr. Robotnik is ready for the boss battle, and he's armed with listener questions!

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