Bonus 9 - Tuxedo Kamen Rider

Episode Discussed :  Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon : Chapter One

Episode Discussed: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Chapter One

Join us for our first Bonus Episode in a while as we tackle the Live Action adaptation of Sailor Moon! We battle low budgets and horrendous special effects to cover our shared Girly Anime shame turned to pride, teach returning guest Molly about the extremely confusing lore of Sailor Moon, and Zack explains how it's Sailor Moon's fault that he owns multiple pairs of Tripp Pants.


Highlights: Molly's Immediate & Total Confusion, Tuxedo Mask's Mask, Shitty, Shitty puppets, Luna's Space Drugs, Lots of Face Grabbing, Zack's 'Face Blindness, "Fuck this Dude": An introduction to Tuxedo Mask, Just a buncha hands, Moon Marital Aids, Gymkata and Ballet-Fu, Sailor Juggalo, Unaired Sailor Moon Pilot