Bonus 6 - Up To My Dentures In Kinderlach

Episode Discussed:   Rugrats  S4E1: Chanukah

Episode Discussed: Rugrats S4E1: Chanukah

Happy Holidays, Putty Patrollers! Just in time for it to already be over, Mike, Zack, Joel, Molly, and newcomer Tal gather around the menorah to talk about the Chanukah episode of Rugrats.

Highlights: Doug vs. Doug, Bruce Willis's Apathy, When Pancakes Happen, Fun With Yiddish, Christmas Is Inescapable, Dreidel Jokes, No One Wants To Watch Bubsy, Remembering Lowell Arnstein, Shit Getting Real Out Of Nowhere, The Dire Lack Of Chanukah Specials, Mike Can't Asia, and Zack Disappears.