Bonus 5 - Haunted by Bob Marley

Episode Discussed:  Garo  Episode 02: Yin Self

Episode Discussed: Garo Episode 02: Yin Self

On this bonus episode of TWA, Dustin, Jules, Zack, and Mike take a trip from Exposition Town to Bulge City as they discuss the second episode of the original Garo!

Points of Discussion: Tom Cruise Tokusatsu, Obvious Trenchcoats, Angel Babies, Taking Beyonce's Advice, CHAIN SPIRAL, Reciting Song Lyrics, Doing Stunts In Heels, Time To Get Serious, Chains, Chains, and More Chains, Poor Time Management, and Fuck It, I'm A Demon.

You can find Dustin on Twitter @Stiltsthegm, or on his podcasts, Games Witticism, Roll For Your Lives, and Bakacast, and you can find Jules at @GatsbyLow on Twitter or read their work on Women Write About Comics."