Bonus 1 - Glad We Took That Side Road

Episode Discussed :  VR Troopers  S1E1: The Battle Begins Part 1

Episode Discussed: VR Troopers S1E1: The Battle Begins Part 1

Welcome to TWA's first bonus episode, where we watched the first episode of VR Troopers! Join Mike, Matt, returning guests Jules and Wade, and newcomer Jorge as we try to figure out what "Virtual Reality" actually means.

Points of Interest: Immediate Podcast Sabotage, Wikipedia Sarcasm, How Much Better Cybertron Would Have Been, Talking Dogs, White Guy Karate, Computer Magic, What is Woody's Deal?, Our Villain Provides Vital Infrastructure, Tron Legacy is Basically VR Troopers: The Movie, Stock Footage, Ziktor's Weird Harem, Mutant Robots, Cross-Podcast Beef, Bad Dog Acting, The Magic of Green Screen, Transformers Heaven, Lame Catchphrases, Our Heroes are Bad Fighters, Literal Cliffhangers, and Email Envy.

Find Jules at @GatsbyLow on Twitter or read their work on Women Write About Comics, watch Wade's Youtube channel Kruse Control, or hear Jorge on the South Figaro Podcast."