Episode 80 - Grandpa Phased Into The Speed Force

Episode Discussed: S02E20: Opposites Attract

Episode Discussed: S02E20: Opposites Attract

Hey everyone! We had a bit of a technical hiccup this week cutting the discussion a little short, but fortunately we've still got the whole crew, plus Jules, present for talk about Simon's One Handed Superheroics, Jules schooling us on Dairanger, why every girl in Angel Grove is Horny for Science, Zack's misunderstanding of how children learn to run, and of course a Bear.

Then you get to hear zack try to remember what the original last 20 minutes of the recording sounded like before it got corrupted.

He does his best, ok?

(Also we have resolved our backup issues. Apologies again and we hope you stick with us.)