Episode 112 - The White Stranger By Rocky Camus


We're back with part two of Wild West Rangers and ...Jebediah's still here.  What exactly is that guy's deal?  Anyway Kimberly gives the 1880's versions of her friends who are 6th generation ancestors and therefore exact clones of the modern rangers, as science teaches us and no seriously he's like, from the past but also the future?  It doesn't make any goddamn sense.  I'm sorry but it's really distracting.

Along the way: Goldar beats us to our own stupid pop-culture reference, Zordon makes up--okay isn't it weird how he said last week he was here for revenge and now Zack's mysteriously gone?  And what the hell is with the hyper-specific gaps in his knowledge, or his old-tymey accent, or just HOW LONG HAS HE LIVED ANYWAY? 

Oh also our friend Ryan joined us for this one.  Ryan's cool.