Episode 61 - The Zords Are Very Big

Episode Discussed: S02E01: The Mutiny: Part 1

Episode Discussed: S02E01: The Mutiny: Part 1

WE HAVE ARRIVED in season 2! Noone thought we could do it, but join us, regular guest Molly, and best buddy Goldar as we get our morphers and finally become power rangers!

Ok listen I'd like to tell you that's what happens, but we DO get to discuss some Season 2 Fun Facts, Simon's baby being terrified of Lord Zedd, and why you should always wear protection when trying to put a Halloween costume on a kitten.

I guess this episode got pretty weird even without the whole season 2 thing, huh?

Along the way: Thunder Megazord Opinions, TV Guide Quotes, Reverse Moses, Space Wastebasket, Extremely Good Prop Work, Molly's Foot Fetish, VHS tapes explained, Zack does not understand costumes