Episode 58 - More Mean Boy Hugs

Episode Discussed: S01E58: Football Season

Episode Discussed: S01E58: Football Season

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOOTBAAAALL? Mike, Luke, Joel, and returning guest Tyberius are! Tommy tries to get over his crippling social anxiety to try out for the football team while literally everyone else on the cast has seemingly no problem with making the team! We learn the sad tale of Ernie's promising football career cut short, watch Bulk try out some sweet Ballet moves, and desperately try to unearth the secrets of the Mysterious Football Rap, all while making copious Space Jam comparisons.

Along the way the cast is joined by a robotic version of our normal host, Zack, Luke displays uncanny memory for Um Jammer Lammy songs, we get a taste of what Tommy's Let's Play Channel would be like, and the emails section just goes wildly, WILDLY off the rails.

Highlights: Karate Season, The Skullovitch Lineage, Joel Makes An Extremely Unfortunate Joke, Tommy Can't Control his Karate Body, How many flips does football usually have, Butts Are For Winners, The Book Of Ryan

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