Bonus 14 - Interview With Tini Howard

Join Zack and Luke for a very special bonus episode of Teenagers With Attitude where we had the chance to sit down with Tini Howard, part of the writing team for the current MMPR Pink miniseries!

Tini takes time out of her schedule to talk with us about how being part of a comics writing team works, how to write super women as rounded and believable characters, and showing how Kimberly can be an ass-kicking leader and still be feminine.

We also discuss the process of adding things to Power Rangers Canon, how Goldar gets himself pumped up in the morning, and how exactly its possible everyone forgot Billy had a flying car.

You can find Tini on Twitter at @TiniHoward and be sure to check out MMPR Pink!

Music: Power Rangers - The Movie Stage 1 Remix (SNES) By Metaltool