Bonus 15 - Film Teaser Trailer Discussion

Hey everyone, welcome to a special discussion of the Power Rangers 2017 film teaser trailer. We're going to give you a quick breakdown of the trailer itself and then try not to get too heated as we talk about our feelings and impressions on the trailer, how the movie is shaping up, and what something really needs to have to be Power Rangers.

Joel and Luke lay down a list of concerns over lack of showing the franchise's identity, Simon gives us a list of what makes a good movie (while we berate him), we discuss the difference between creative intent and marketing spin, we give our positive impressions of the casting and ranger rapport, Mike really hates 2nd act breakups, and finally Zack gets way too serious about a 25 year old kids show as he lays down why "Breakfast Club With Superpowers" fits perfectly for him with what Power Rangers should be.