TMR Episode 21: Post-Op

Ashley has gotten top surgery so we take a deep dive into her process of getting it, recovering from the surgery and the problems that have arisen from it. We also talk about the weather, knowing secrets and applying for jobs.

CW: We talk a lot about surgery and medical procedures. Ashley also talks about an experience with the TSA that can be triggering.

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TMR Episode 20: Elections

Ashley, Julie & Molly get together to talk about all the politics going around in their respective countries from big worries to victories. We also take some general question and end up talking about LGBTQ+ manga and Senator Yogi Bear.

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TMR Episode 19: Social Media

The girls reconvene to talk about social media and all the good and bad that can come from it. Also we try to figure out Reddit gold and talk about how Julie is too famous for us now.

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TMR Episode 18: Seattle

All the Trans Sisters are under the same roof so we have a more laid back ep where we talk about what we've been doing while Julie is here and answer some general questions.

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TMR Episode 17: Gatekeeping

As Pride is coming to a close we have to remember one of the most important things, don't be a jerk to our fellow LGBTQA+. We talk about how people gatekeep with who can be in the community and who can be trans. Also porn books and Warhammer.

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TMR Episode 16: Community


We talk about all the great things about being part of a larger community, how to find a good community and what to do when drama happens.

Also Ashley may sound a bit weird because her mic disconnected mid way through. Sorry about that!

TMR Episode 15: Self Care

We talk about the importance and the follies of self care. Just how does shaving your legs feel and when do you need to do something that you hate that you know is good for you? Also we talk about how Jule is a cyborg now!

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TMR Episode 14: Passing

Passing is an incredibly complex topic so we take you through the terminology and our thoughts. We also branch out to having to pass to be okayed for medical practices and how TERFs use passing as a double edged sword.

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TMR Episode 13: Holidays

Molly, Jules and Ashley get back together to talk about how the Holidays can make you feel right at home or how they can make you feel all alone. The good times and the bad and the food we have along the way.

TMR Episode 12: Characters

Molly, Jules and Ashley talk about characters they connected with, both before coming out and afterwards, and what changed about the characters we liked and didn't like. We also talk about Vin Diesel, creating characters in games and identifying with with horrible characters.

TMR Episode 11: Inspiration

As Trans Mission Radio turns 1 we gather around to talk about people who inspired us to be ourselves. We're also joined by Emily who was inspired by this very show! Also we get into a discussion about filters and thongs so you know it's still us.

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TMR Episode 10: Allies

We talk about what took us so long to get to a new episode as we discuss the marriage equality vote in Australia, being queer at PAX and Uber rings. We transition from that to talking about allies who do things only to be seen and what the good allies in our friend groups do that makes us smile.

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TMR Episode 9: Finding Yourself

Molly, Jules, and Ashley talk about choosing names, pursuing relationships, building confidence, finding your style after transitioning, and answer some more of your questions.

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Episode 8: Boundaries

It can be hard to know what to say and it can be just as hard to know what not to say. Molly Jules and Ashley take you on a tours of How About Don't from their own experiences.

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TMR Episode 7: Relationships

Relationships are hard normally and they can be harder when you're trans. We talk about all kinds of relationships from romantic to friendship, discuss what is a friend and what you do when friends mess up.

TMR Episode 6: Visibility and Representation

Molly, Jules and Ashley are a bit late but they make up for it with a larger episode. They have a roundtable discussion on the recent attempts at trans representation in games and podcasts. They have discussions about how to show a character is trans naturally, how not to make a token character and all talk about the wonder of trans periods.

This episode contains spoiler for the podcast The Adventure Zone and it's "The Lost Century" arc.

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TMR Episode 5: Surgery

Molly, Jules and Ashley talk about their varied takes on surgery, what they would want, the pressure in society to have it and just how expensive it is. We also do our normal thing of taking none of this seriously and give Julie bad nicknames, talk about are name change experiences and end up having a larger discussion about dysphoria.

TMR Episode 4: HRT

Molly, Jules and Ashley discuss the effects of Hormone Replacement Therepy. They talk at length about those sweet sweet girl pills, Cis Tits and of course they get a lil dirty

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TMR: Episode 3: Family

Family can be one of the hardest things during transition but it can also be one of the best. We talk about both sides of that and those that fall in the middle. We talk about dealing with being financially dependent, never coming out and Ashley finds a way to talk about yuri.

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TMR Episode 2: Coming Out

Note: We recorded this episode a few weeks ago, we have added some notes onto the recording to help talk about what has happened in the last week. We feel that this podcast and telling our stories is more important now then ever.

Everyone talks about their experiences coming out to family, friends and co-workers. We talk about good reactions, bad reactions and neutral reactions. We discuss assholes at work, hiding skirts from mom, friends you lose along the way and friends you grow closer to.

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