Episode 43: A Long, Strange Year

Ashley and Molly roll solo to discuss everything that's happened over the last year while accidentally lining it up with a goddamn clip show. Topics discussed include: One year anniversary, Wine Mugs, Fuckin' to Megamind, Titanfall 2, Proper Thieving Attire, Dating a Middle Schooler, ELEVATOR ACTION, the Best Woohping, the Het Montage, Kissing Jerry, and a retrospective on the Best and Worst parts of Totally Reprise.

(Molly had to edit this episode, so if there are any issues, please let her know @yerfriendmolly on twitter!)

Episode 34: Tum Tum Tattoo

Ashley and Molly are joined my Maxie for an episode that includes people stealing other people’s faces. Yes like hit movie Face/Off. We talk about: Blue Apron Mattresses, Wedding Woes, Lifted By The Lord, Swords, Shitty Stomp, Totally Undertale, Molly Has Never Heard The Beatles, Agent Carrot Top, Coming Around On David, Super Villain Shockmaster

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Episode 23: Suck The Teat of God

Molly and Ashley are joined by Mike for an episode that explores the ancient magic of making mummies fly. This episode we discuss MAGIC: The Gathering, Magicians, Pokemon Go, Peak Clover, Master Thief Linus, Luxury Milk, The Worst Burn Notice, Gregr, “Ms. Spirit Fingers”, Teen Spy Sadness, Chekov’s Mess,

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Episode 22: Vampire Helicopter

Ashley and Molly are joined by our all around friend Luke for an episode we’ve already seen and talked about, so instead we decide to just take the chance to talk about bullshit for 2.5 hours. Topics discussed includes: Molly’s Weakness For Tests, Movies We’ve Seen, Homestuck Cyber-Bullying, The Pride of Not Watching, Ivory Tower Highschool, Band of Boys, Gritty Totally Spies, “In Case of History Teacher”, DBZ Villains, Recess Games, Immortal Journal, Dead Ashleys and Molly makes a joke about Jonestown without knowing what that was.

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Episode 21: Ashey and the Mozz

G’DAY ASHEY AND MOZZA ARE JOINED BY A RIGHT SHEILA NAMED JULES AS WE GO DOWN UNDER. CRIKEY. OTHER STEREOTYPES. We talk about: Morning Show Intros, Toku Boys, Huge Malls, Future Vagina, The Plot To Twitter, Shitty Anarchism, Molly Finally Seeing A Movie, Australian Capitals, Accidental Juggalo Car Rides and getting real about racism.

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Episode 20: Chekov’s Gut

Molly and Ashley are back! Even though they never really left. Anyway we’re joined by Sean for a episode of Totally Spies that we’re comfortable calling the horniest yet. We talk about: Body Pillow ASMR, DJ Ashley, Lobster Mobster, Helpful Moisturizer, Tiny Dynamite, The Feeder and yes, more about hit webcomic Homestuck.

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Episode 19: Gamer Girl Episode 215: E3 GRRRLS

Ashley and Molly are joined by special guest Maxie to discuss all the latest news out of E3. With five new systems, including the Sega Saturn 2, we have so much to talk about! We still get into a way long tangent about a kids show though :(. Topics discussed include:  Panty Bins, Jerry Apologists, The Hypocrisy of Clover, SJW Villains, Silver Jumpsuits and Alex’s Love of Vocaloids.

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Episode 18: President In The Buff

Molly and Ashley are joined by Kevin for an episode where, despite all we said, we love Clover. Truly the end has come and all shall be burnt to ash. Topics discussed include: Puffing Daffodils, Crying To Hamilton, Superfriends, Detained By Her Butt, Bad CSI, Alex The Magician, The Most Dangerous Thief and DnD stories.

Note: In this episode we have a extended talk about abusive relationships and how they are portrayed.

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Episode 5: (Almost) The Worst Terminator Reboot

Molly and Ashley are joined by Zack for an episode which makes us all very uncomfortable. Sam is acting like a child and it's both wonderfully cute and horribly disturbing. Ashley tells a story of her getting burgers and fries, Molly starts a Hamilton podcast, we think of all the other shows we could be watching and we realize we are all horrible monsters.

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Episode 4: Weekend At Lord Bernies

Ashley and Molly are joined by Dustin in a never ending time loop where they are forced to watch episode 4 of Totally Spies again and again. Well twice but with an episode like this that's enough. In the thankless void they discuss Halloween, carny wrestler slang, the politics of medieval Europe and try to answer the eternal question "Just who is the dumb one?"

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Episode 3: Surfer Saiyan

Ashley and Molly are joined by Mike of Teenagers With Attitude to discuss a relaxing episode about the spies on vacation. Except not really. Instead they discuss: Whoop Travel Agents, improper hula dancing, Henchmen LARPing and the phrase "gotta get that boy, gotta get that butt."

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