Episode 141: The 250 United States


The spies are faced with tacky interiors and horrible shag carpets as a woman redecorates classic landmarks. Also Clover is still horrible at fashion. We talk about: Luke’s Great Intro Bit, FE: TH Post War Is Hell, Sentinels, FF Dummies, EVO,Tekken, The Bat With A Butt, Re-Designing the Taj Mahal, I Know That Duck, Fabric WHOOPing, Human Elephant, Tongue Trouble, Clover’s Writhing Mass, The Worst Venus Flytrap, Constructive Roast, Chibi Sam, Presidential Actors, Maggie Trendset, Clover Trips Over A Lamp, Secret Service Job, Clover Is Bad At Fashion, It’s Tomb, Furry Hate